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Thank you for purchasing this leather object from Aarch Le Ven. It has been crafted to last by exacting and passionate artisans.
To safeguard its longevity, we recommend that you take certain precautions during use to avoid any common mistakes. 

Leather is an organic and sensitive material that improves over time.

Aarch Le Ven leather is always "full grain", with a top layer that remains intact and unaltered. This ensures that the leather is resistant and ages well, while also highlighting some of the natural characteristics of the grain, such as wrinkles, veins and pores. Far from being flaws, these nuances demonstrate the great "transparency" of a skin, which is a hallmark of its durability.

Leather is a living material that changes over time, becoming softer and acquiring a sheen. Depending on use, friction, and the areas where the owner places her foot, the leather will develop a patina and your Aarch Le Ven shoe will forge its own unique character over time.

Preserve its appearance

Leather is sensitive to the elements. It does not like water, intense heat, direct sunlight, or excess humidity or aridity, all of which may alter its appearance and color. In the event of contact with water, wipe the item with a soft cloth to avoid the formation of any stains or bubbles during drying.

Avoid common mistakes

Leather does not like to live a life of excess. Some materials may leave a permanent mark, such as ink, lipstick or fragrances. Similarly, repeated contact with raw or dark-colored textiles may discolor lighter shades of leather. To avoid distorting the shape of your object, do not insert contents that are too bulky or unsuitable.

Shoe storage

When you are not using it, we recommend storing your object in a warm, dry place away from light, preferably in its box or protective cover. The cushions, tissue paper or bubble wrap are designed to maintain the object’s original shape.